Usher in Chinese New Year with Delectable dishes from Sunday Catering

Chinese New Year means a lot to us. Growing up it has always been a huge part of our family traditions. The focus on reunion, the festive mood as we prepare for a new year filled with good fortune and health.

Presenting their specials, the traditional 8 Treasure Glutinous Rice with Abalone (鲍鱼八宝饭) and Chestnut Siu Yuk (脆皮烧肉) together with their 8 Treasure Roast Pork Belly (八宝烤肉), which combines the two.

These dishes will be great additions to your reunion dinner this year. The crispy crackling roast pork and the moist well flavoured meat elevated the Chinese New Year favorites.

8 Treasure Glutinous Rice with Abalone $68

Lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice bursting with chestnuts, wolf berries, gingko nuts, pistachio nuts, red dates, dried mushrooms and lap cheong. Plus abalone to guarantee abundance for the year ahead. Feeds six to eight people.

Chestnut Siu Yuk $88

Chestnut-fed pork belly. Slow roasted to give you tender succulent five spice scented meat and crispy golden crackling skin. Accompanied with 8 Treasure Dipping Sauce. Approximately 2kg before cooking.

Siu yuk, or Chinese-style roasted pork, is a stalwart of most CNY feasts. Succulent meat scented with five spice and crowned with golden crackling. It is one of our most requested dishes and we have been working to get it just right. Chestnut-fed pork belly is used and a two-step roasting process to get the meat a touch more tender than regular siu yuk. Roasting low and slow helps the fat to render and the meat to be tender without becoming dry.

8 Treasure Roast Pork Belly $168

Rolled chestnut pork belly with a generous stuffing of 8 Treasure Glutinous Rice. Golden crispy crackling skin. Tender succulent meat. Savoury glutinous rice filled with auspicious treasures and infused with the roasting juices from the pork belly. Accompanied with 8 Treasure Dipping Sauce. Approximately, 2.3kg before cooking.

Chestnut Siu Yuk and 8 Treasure Glutinous Rice is combined into this glorious golden porchetta-like roll of roast pork. Bursting with so many good things, this dish is truly in the spirit of CNY. This marriage means the glutinous rice absorbs the rich savoury juices of the pork belly as it roasts.

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