YUN NANS Unveils 6 Dishes Made Ah Ge Li Nan Xing’s Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam

YUN NANS, the largest Yunnan F&B chain in the world, is proud to announce the launch of its spring menu! The restaurant has teamed up with veteran actor Li Nanxing to launch six mouthwatering mainstays, each starring the perfect pairing of Yunnan produce with the marquee ingredient Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam. The hae bee hiam follows Ah Ge’s family-heirloom recipe, which was passed down to him by his Peranakan grandmother. 

There are three carbs dishes to savour. The Abalone Garlic Hae Bee Hiam Fried Rice 鲍鱼蒜香炒饭(S$16.80)is full of wok hei flavour, withthefragrant taste of garlic cutting through, complementing perfectly with the umani note of the hae bee hiam. Crispy dried shrimps also lend a delightful crunchiness. For a touch of sophistication, abalone slices are added to the fried rice! 

Next is the Yunnan Rice Noodles Tossed in Spicy Meat Sauce 香辣云南拌米线 (S$12.80)—YUNNANS’ in-house meat sauce is fried together with hae bee hiam and then tossed with YUNNANS’ signature rice noodles. The rice noodles are manufactured by YUNNANS’ own factory in Yunnan, and made only with rice and water. The dish features other Yunnan ingredients such as preserved vegetable and Yunnan wild mushrooms 鸡纵菌. The preserved vegetable gives a lingering sour note. The Yunnan wild mushrooms 鸡纵菌 boast a distinctive flavour with a slight chewiness, and are highly sought after.

Its aroma wafting through the air when served, the Braised Truffle Ee-Fu Noodles 黑松露菌菇焖伊面(S$16.80)showcases al dente ribbons of ee-fu noodles braised in a superior stock, then topped with air-flown Yunnan black truffles. Dollop the noodles with the addictive hae bee hiam, served on the side!

And from carbs to seafood — seafood aficionados will love the Stir Fried Spicy Fragrant Clams 香辣啦啦 (S$15.80). The hae bee hiam is married with a popular local Yunnan sauce called san jia jiang 三家酱. The sauce is named after the village it is made in, ‘San Jia’, and it is savoury with a tinge of sweetness. This palate-enveloping sauce finds its way into the shells to imbue the clam meat with a savoury and fiery kick. Equally pleasing is the Salted Egg Hae Bee Hiam Prawn Balls 咸蛋虾米辣虾球(S$25.80), whichsees juicy, succulent prawns coated with a moreish sauce made with salted egg and hae bee hiam. Acting as a foil to the savoury punch of the sauce are the jasmine petals’ subtle fragrance and floral note. They are topped with Yunnan’s big-leaf parsley, which contributes a bright, refreshing note. 

Rounding out the line-up is the Stir Fried Chayote Leaves with Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam 虾米辣炒丝瓜尖 (S$14.80). Imported from Yunnan, the delicate chayote leaves are elevated by the spiciness of the hae bee hiam. This vegetable dish helps to temper the carb and meat indulgence.

Stir Fried Chayote Leaves with Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam

YUN NANS’s spring menu will be available from 12 March 2021.


YUN NANS 云海肴 is the first overseas outpost of Yun Hai Yao, the largest casual Yunnan restaurant chain hailing from China. First established in Beijing in 2009, Yun Hai Yao now has over 200 outlets in China, specialising in Yunnan ethnic highland cuisines. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients procured from the highlands of the Yunnan Province, offering specialities such as Steamed Pot Chicken Soup, Braised Wild Porcini Mushrooms and many more. At the Singapore outlet, there are exclusive dishes to savour as well.

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