Make Age Just a Number with Entity Health’s SL-NAD+ — The First Pure NAD+ Supplement in the Market

NAD+: The Molecule of Youth

NAD+ stands for the oxidised form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a naturally existing coenzyme found in our body, in all our cellular matter. NAD+ is vital to life, as it functions as an energy-starter molecule involved in critical biological processes such as cellular energy and cellular repair. It is called “the molecule of youth” due to its role in cellular energy production and its ability to regulate the genes of ageing.

Alongside many other components of our biology, NAD+ levels steadily decline with age, resulting in reduced cellular energy, cellular repair, and organ function. This contributes to symptoms of ageing such as fatigue, weakness, memory decline, joint and muscle pain, joint stiffness, slower movement, compromised immune function, increased susceptibility to infections and age-associated diseases. When our cells don’t function at their optimal levels, neither do we.

The Availability of NAD+ and its Many Caveats

NAD precursors exist in many anti-ageing supplements that are commercially available. When consumed orally, these precursors such as nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) are broken down in the small intestine to nicotinamide, ribose, phosphate, and adenosine before being absorbed into the bloodstream. These molecules are then reassembled by cells, forming NAD+. This process, however, is mainly dependent on the individual’s ability to reassemble the molecules into NAD+; hence improvement to the body’s NAD+ levels may vary for each person. Some of these NAD precursors are also partially broken down and lost when they enter the digestive GI tract. Furthermore, not all cells are capable of reassembling precursors into NAD+.

SL-NAD+, the first of its kind— Pure NAD+, Straightforwardly

Recognising the need for a definitive solution to mitigate ageing, Singapore-based pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company, iX Biopharma has formulated a method to inoculate NAD+ directly into the body through its SL-NAD+ wafers.  Its patented WaferiX® wafer technology, which has gone through years of R&D effectively and safely delivers 50mg of pure, intact NAD+ sublingually (under the tongue). By taking the molecule NAD+ itself directly, there is a more direct boost to the levels of NAD+ in one’s bloodstream, and consequently in the cells. Every wafer is also freeze-dried during iX Biopharma’s manufacturing process to allow the otherwise unstable NAD+ molecule to be delivered into the body for direct uptake into the cells.

Launch Details

The waitlist for SL-NAD+ will begin on Entity Health’s global webstore on 18 October and will be available for purchase from 25 October. Each box of SL-NAD+ comes in bundles of 30 wafers, and it will retail for S$188 (GST included). To commemorate its launch, all customers can enjoy a 30% discount on SL-NAD+, while Entity members will enjoy an additional 40% discount. For non-members on the waiting list, you get to enjoy an additional 20% off purchase of SL-NAD+.

Who should take SL-NAD+?

SL-NAD+ is most suitable for people of all genders who are 35 and older and wish to delay the onset of age-related symptoms such as fatigue, weakness and joint/muscle inflammation. However, it is also suitable for people who wish to boost their energy levels to combat end-of-day fatigue simply or for people who want to maintain an active lifestyle.

As the global scientific community races to decode ageing, iX Biopharma is proud to contribute its revolutionary SL-NAD+ wafers, which will provide the population with access to high quality, pure NAD+ supplements. It is also working with research institutes to use SL-NAD+ in potential studies relating to ageing.  

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