XM introduces War Machine’s War Tank, the largest 1:4 scale statue collectible

Adding to its impressive series of Marvel Studios’ premium collectibles, award-winning Singapore-based global design studio XM is proud to present the brand new 1:4 Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, War Machine (XM ‘War Tank’ Exclusive). Exclusive to XM, War Tank is an original concept jointly co-created by XM and artist Adi Granov (one of his most notable works includes creating the concept and keyframe artwork for the Marvel Studios’ Iron Man, released in 2008).

Never before released in the comics, War Tank is a heavily enhanced exo-suit extension of War Machine’s suit, expanding on its explosive artillery, firepower and weaponry capabilities. The angular and aggressive design of War Tank is detailed with striking likeness based on the military background of Lieutenant Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes. The statues feature hefty armour-plated suits, tank tracks as legs for mobility, a massive rail gun in replacement of its right arm, fortified with back-mounted missile launchers and tremendous gunpower. Version A presents War Machine within War Tank itself, and Version B* allows collectors the option to display War Machine either on the inside or on the outside of War Tank with two additional weaponries.

“Standing at an estimated mammoth height of 88cm tall, 91cm in length and 93cm in width, the War Tank is the largest 1:4 Scale Statue Collectible that XM has produced since inception. Definitely a statement piece to have in your collection. We are very excited to have this opportunity to create an enhanced version of War Machine. We hope our fans and collectors enjoy it as much as we do. Huge gratitude and thanks towards the Marvel team for the support and for granting us this working chance.”

Mr Ben Ang, CEO and co-founder of XM.

Pre order for the premium statues starts from 23 October 2021 on XM’s website, with prices starting from S$4,199.

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