3 Tropical Island For Your Next Weekend Getaway

We picked 3 island in Malaysia for you to enjoy the tropical islands with white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Remember, leave your phone behind and truly enjoy the laid-back lifestyle these island have to offer.

5 Excuses For Being Late For Work

Lets face it, no matter how much you love your job, or your boss, you will be late once in a blue moon. Even the most conscientious employee will find himself rolling into work late and we’ve decided to share some of our favourite excuses. If you feel the credibility isn’t there, try using 2 of the examples to give that extra oomph!

The Sukosol – Bangkok’s luxury hotel with a new look

This November, The Sukosol Hotel (previously known as Siam City Hotel) will reopen her doors after a multi-million Baht facelift.

The Haunted Mansion At Fuji Q

Halloween is here and everyone likes a good scare occasionally. But what can be scarier than an abandoned old Japanese hospital? I had the morbid pleasure of visiting this World Record winning haunted attraction when I was residing in Japan.

10 Halloween Facts You Might Not Know!

Hurrah, Halloween is round the corner. You will either be politically incorrect by wearing traditional costumes of other countries, then pretending to be zombies or don a wig and pretend you are a hot chick (in the event you are a hot chick, I’m sorry).