Go Sky High With The Refurbished Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Salt grill & Sky bar present a refreshed look featuring an added exclusive dining area and a brand new bar after a month-long renovation. A modern Australian all-day restaurant by celebrity chef-restaurateur Luke Mangan, Salt grill & Sky bar is known…

SMU’s Samba Malasa Presents The Samba Xperience

Ever recall the nostalgic sounds of the past? The sounds of pens clicking, slight coughing in class which seemed casual back then? Ever recall the good old days in the army? Where rhythmic stomping of boots kept you energized in the jungle?…

Be Positive! Support The AIDS Walk

The Metropolitant Team will be taking part in the AIDS Walk, taking place on 1st December presents an excellent chance for members of the public and press to come together and show their solidarity and support for people living with HIV.

For A Limited Time Only: Fine Teochew Cuisine

Undecided where to dine over the weekend? Why not head out to Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant because for a limited time only, guest chefs from Lippo Chiuchow Hong Kong will be there to delight you with their delectable Teochew hot favorites.