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Not Getting The New iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is here. Apple fans rejoice! While most fans can’t wait to get in line for it, here some things you can buy should you decide to…

14 March 2013 – Samsung GALAXY S IV

In just a few short weeks Samsung will unveil the GALAXY S IV. Expectations will be high and a lot of eyes will be watching. It was rumored that the GALAXY S IV will have a higher resolution screen, but other details are scarce. But Samsung has been aggressive in its advertising and has recently been out-innovating Apple to offer consumer a totally fresh outlook on smartphones.

Ditch Instagram, Try Flickr’s New App

With effect from 16 January 2013, the implementation of Instagram’s new terms of service states that it has the right to use people’s photo in advertisements without the photographer’s consent and of course, you wont get a dime out of it.

Google Maps For iOS Is Back!

13 December 2012, Singapore – The previously pre-installed Google Maps app was removed from iOS with the launch of Apple Maps in iOS 6. Google refused to enable voice navigation for…

App Of The Week – The Simpsons Tapped Out

If you are fan of The Simpsons, you will love this freemium game. Thanks to their constant updates and irreverent humor , this game continues to entertain me.

App Of The Week – Nüdifier

The Metropolitant team scour the internet for apps that are useless but ridiculously fun. This week, check out this very entertaining app Nüdifier! This new iPhone app called Nudifier can take any photo and make it look like a censored nude pic, even if the subject is fully clothed.w

The New Jabra TOUR

If you had always wanted a Bluetooth® speakerphone for your car, the new Jabra TOUR might be the one you should get. Especially iPhone/Android users.